Studio Visit: Derek Meier

Derek Meier is an artist based in South Dakota. His work can be seen in PLEAT's July 2015 exhibition as well as 

What purpose is achieved by adding found 2D objects to your paintings? 
Found 2d objects are just another way to move shapes and color around.  They also tend to muck up the works: creating issues that need to be resolved.  It helps me push more history into the paintings.

Do you typically have a plan when you start a piece or do you work more intuitively? 
I rarely engage paintings with any sort of plan.  Those plans go out the window almost immediately anyway.  I work on up to 20 paintings at a time in a very intuitive fashion.  They'll all start to dialogue together.  I'm just there responding to what a see.

What inspires you and keeps you going back to your studio? 
The studio is home.  You never know what it has in store for you.  I enjoy the uncertainty.