Studio Visit: Cande Aguilar

Cande Aguilar is a multi-media artist based out of Texas. He is featured in PLEAT's May 2015 exhibition "LOCI" as well as

Could you walk us through a typical day in your studio? 
Currently I paint in the late hours of the night. There are simply less distractions. During the day I work on assembling panels, cutting support bars, the noisy tasks. As the day goes on I'm in and out of the studio observing and enjoying the works in progress. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
My wife Sally and I have 3 children. It's that joy that keeps me focused on what true painting can be. When our first child Sally Marie was an infant, it was through her eyes that I saw a new world of many shapes and colors. I discovered and connected with abstraction. Then our second child Iliana came along. This little girl will find a way to entertain herself using her fingers, feet, etc. In essence, she has taught me not to forget to be playful with all possibilities and as a result I began adding found objects to my paintings. Our third child David is always writing on his little drawings so I have found my way into poetry. As we all know these things such as abstraction in art, adding found objects and paintings with text is nothing new but these perspectives have impacted my imagination in a profound and true way. 

Do you feel as though the public understands your work? To what degree does it matter to you that your work is understood? 
Interestingly enough, in a recent conversation with an art enthusiast/collector, I once again found out that the work is communicating on a deep subconscious level. As this person talked and described "Untitled 24" one of my recent works, he points out that the painting has a musical sensibility. He had no idea I grew up as a musician. I do believe it's important for my work to communicate a truth whether the viewer can explain it or not.

What artists have influenced you? What have you learned from them? 
As for painting, I have a tendency of making different series of works. I think this comes from being introduced early on to the many periods of Pablo Picasso. I am absolutely in love with color, something I saw in Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. Joan Michelle's gestural expression is inescapable. I believe that Cy Twombly's sense of freedom sets me free.  Claude Monet and the impressionists have shown me the importance of having an open dialog with fellow artists.  All the unknown signage painters and my uncles, Aguilar, whom at a very earlier age made me realize that there was such a thing as art