Studio Visit: Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark is an artist based in New York. Her work can be seen in PLEAT's August 2015 exhibition as well as Photo credit : Andrew Yost.

How does your work explore the relationship between environment and perception? 
My work explores the relationship between environment and perception through a focus on materiality and the visceral. 

Who are your artistic influences? What have you learned from them?
Agnes Martin and Pieter Bruegel the Elder are two of my biggest influences. I really started to understand how to see when I encountered their work. I am also often influenced by writers. Recently, I finished Man Walks into a Room, by Nicole Krauss. It is just a brilliant and beautiful novel. My favorite line of the entire novel had to be, "Because the desert is where you go when you find your brain scorched, blown-out, uninhabited. You go there for camouflage. Like a wild animal you follow your instinct."

Where do you see your artistic practice going in the future?
I really just see myself working until I physically can't make work anymore. It is always about the work, and I aim to make the best work I can for the entirety of my life. This includes accepting the failure that comes with making your best work.