Studio Visit: Madeline Gallucci

Madeline Gallucci is an artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. Her work can be seen in PLEAT's March 2016 exhibition as well as 

Please describe what your work is about.
I believe in the artist’s role as an observer and synthesizer of the world’s contents. I am deeply tied to the tradition of image making through the lens of abstraction. I use painting, drawing, collage and digital prints to understand my everyday surroundings.  These findings result in a frenzied, whimsical display of repetition and texture, which allude to static patterns and concepts of camouflage.

Who are your artistic influences and what have you learned from them?
Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Trudy Benson, Jonathan Lasker are some big influences at the moment. I am interested in how each of these artists use line, color and texture to convey emotion and meaning in their work. Joseph Albers continually teaches me how to be critical of color. In addition, I'm constantly learning from the work of my friends, who remind me to keep it real.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received in regards to your studio practice?
Some of the best advice I’ve ever received (that has paid off more than once) is to have at least one complete body of work ready to show at a moment’s notice