Studio Visit: Amanda Martinez

Amanda Martinez is an artist based in New York.  Her work can be seen in PLEAT's March 2016 exhibition as well as

Please describe what your work is about.
The first chunk of my life was spent in a combination of non-traditional education and studying music theory and piano performance, so that idea of solitary self-discipline and visual symbols as a language to be interpreted are still very heavy conceptual guidelines for what my sculpture has become. It is ultimately rooted in abstraction, informed openly by my life and personal pursuit of the formal and poetic relationships between materials.

There is also a secret "performance" aspect to my sculpture that you don't see; and is responsible for the end result. That is, my constant touching and handling of materials in order to transform them into something else. The hours and hours I spend carving, for example, are equal parts meditative and competitive with myself. I like the idea of the "human machine".

Who are your artistic influences and what have you learned from them?
Some artistic influences would be Barbara Hepworth, Diane Simpson, R.H. Quaytman, Richard Tuttle, Rosemarie Trockel, Claudia Comte and Eva Hesse; but I'm also just as inspired by nature and music.

Where do you see your work going in the future?
More or less in spite of myself, I continue to be interested in using a laser cutter and other fabrication-type approaches… so long as they are always subservient to my carvings, textiles or any technique with my hands. I want to push this hand versus machine dialogue as much as possible; thereby continuing to push my own physical limits and capabilities