Studio Visit: Marion Jones

Marion Jones is an artist working in London. Her work can be seen in PLEAT's June 2016 exhibition as well as 

Please describe your work. 
In these paintings, geometric forms relate to the edges and to the crossbars of the canvas but have opened out. The triangles and squares have some affinity to the nets of solids but often on a flat plane. Relationships between 2 and 3 dimensions are explored, suggested and often eliminated so that only traces remain. 

Textures and colours form edges and planes and pastel, oil, graphite and acrylic, both work against each other and bleed into each other. There is a play between transparent and opaque layers, solid and floating forms, matte and shiny surfaces and bright colours. This becomes more apparent as the viewer shifts their gaze or the light changes, some forms are visible and some disappear. This investigation into the fall of real light on the actual surface of the painting is a really important aspect to my painting and one that I continue to pursue in different ways.

How do you go about making certain formal and conceptual choices in your work? 
These are process- driven paintings where systems and geometric shapes, forms and colours are distorted and changed as the painting emerges. The compositions are largely intuitive and somewhat unpredictable but all relate in some way to the canvas structure or edge of the paper or canvas. 

Who are your artistic influences and what have you learned from them?
The structure of recent paintings have initially developed from 50's architectural and interior adverts. Collages that combine design and photographs directly chart investigations into 2 and 3 dimensions. Jean Spencer's use of soft pastels to form edges and forms has directly influenced the way in which I now use this medium in my paintings and her colour investigations also provide a sounding board to which I refer and currently work against.

De Keyser, Guston, Ryman, David Reed, Mary Heilmann, Noel Forster, Jean Spencer, Natalie Dower and Jane Bustin.