Studio Visit: Fukuko Harris

Fukuko Harris is an artist working in New York.  Her work can be seen in PLEAT's July 2016 exhibition as well as 

Please describe your work.  
These paintings were done in acrylic on canvas. In my painting, I search for awkward relationships that are intended to reflect our time. Throughout the entire process, I build up and develop a personal language that, for me, resonates with my perceptions. Objects and spaces in my daily life are manipulated abstractly in the works.

Through painting, I negotiate an interior dialogue with my experience of the world. However long it takes, I keep working on my painting until all the marks, lines, and forms become united and start their own dialogue to create a special moment.

What external and/or internal motivations guide your formal and conceptual choices?  
Just being in my studio and surrounded by enormous amount of references, photo collections, sketches, art books, colorful papers, spray paint cans, fabrics, yarns, ropes, found objects, cardboards, wood, canvases, big brushes, tools, and paints inspires and motivates me very much. Going out to visit galleries and museums is always a treat, as is reading books about art and artists.  Of course socializing with my artist friends is so satisfying and encouraging. At last but not least, looking at artwork by artists from all over the world on social media stimulates my creativity.

What inspires you and keeps you going back to the studio?  
I love being in my studio. It’s like a playground where I can find all my favorite things. I started to work abstractly in my second year of graduate school in 2013, after I completed my wonderful motherhood years. So I think my artwork is still very much evolving at a quick pace. Everyday I look forward to experimenting in my studio and wonder where it will take me. The sensation I achieve from the experience of making art, especially when it comes out to be very unexpected and inexplicable, naturally keeps me going back to the studio.