Studio Visit: Brian Edmonds

Brian Edmonds is an artist who lives and works in Alabama.  His work can be seen in PLEAT's December 2016 exhibition as well as

Please describe your work. 
I want to make a painting that looks simple in execution but forces the eye to think about what and how to read the picture. The eye is forced to contend with the positive/negative spaces and how to digest the markings. To make decisions and judgements. To connect the dots in a personal way.

What internal and external factors motivate your formal and conceptual choices? 
My work is a response to the surrounding landscape. From the beginning, I’ve been influenced, both knowingly and unknowingly, by its designs, color, and lines. What drives the work is my desire to create a sense of tension and space. As with a lingering memory, I am constantly reworking and reinterpreting what I see. A sense of history is always present.

Who are your artistic influences and what have you learned from them? 
Matisse played an important role in my development as a painter. He had a great touch. His paintings were complex investigations of time and space. Porte Fenêtre à Collioure is a great example. I want to read the painting as a positive/negative space. Matisse pushes our gaze further inward toward a window, one that looks more like a door to a dark, heinous room or a portal to another place. The painting is a great example of leading the viewer to a place to think about and question what he or she is looking at. To make decisions and judgements.