Studio Visit: Jodi Hays

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Jodi Hays is an artist who lives and works in Tennessee. Her work can be seen in PLEAT's November 2016 exhibition as well as

Please describe your work. 
My work extends from a long interest in painting and landscape. Lately I have been enjoying a narrow lens of focus with a consistent scale and size (16”x12”). In the past, the armature of the grid was present, these new ones (2016) are loose statements and observations. 

What internal and external factors motivate your formal and conceptual choices? 
My work is influenced by language, color, tear sheets, soundbites, conversations, photography, image, congestion, the hapless, architecture, time, walks, and resistance. 

Landscape had been a consistent touchstone in my work—sometimes overtly, sometimes not—perhaps related to having almost literally grown up in a National Park. Living in cities for my adult life, I began to collect images of construction sites that I could then isolate to speak to disparate issues of time, upheaval, restraint and abandon, and progress.  The grid can contain most of these references, and the flatness of a painting. 

Who are your artistic influences and what have you learned from them? 
There is an interview with Thomas Nozkowski by one of his students. They take a walk on his property.

I love a good grisaille (Guston, Tuymans, Richter, and deKeyser). 

Amy Sillman, Pam Lins, Charlene Von Heyl, Joanne Greenbaum’s show in 2014 floored me. 

Matisse, Degas, Corot, Pisarro. 

Eva, Agnes.