Studio Visit: Mel Jane Wilson


Mel Jane Wilson is an artist living and working in Ballarat, Australia. Her work can be seen in PLEAT’s October 2018 exhibition as well as

Please describe your work.

Tactile assemblages of various found and collected materials. Sometimes I paint directly onto my works or I digitally print my paintings onto fabric.

What internal and external factors motivate your conceptual choices? 

I’m drawn to the discarded and the transformative potential of my collected materials. If I’m making works for a particular space, I will often respond site specifically. I work intuitively from textures and colours within my surroundings and playing with shadow and light has been important factors in recent exhibitions I’ve had.

Who are your artistic influences and what have you learned from them? 

I’m inspired by a wide variety of female artists. One artist in particular that I admire for her paintings and installations is, Louise Bourgeois. The first time I encountered her works up close, I was in awe and admired the variety of materials that had been used to express and create the works. From this experience, I started exploring and working with textiles more frequently within my art practice.

What I’ve learnt from Bourgeois is that I can use any material to express what it is I want to bring out in the work. After experiencing her works in the flesh, I felt as if I had an acceptance and strong desire to bring textiles into my art practice.

How has social media affected your studio practice? 

Social media is a great tool for staying connected with friends from art school and keeping up to date in the art world. Social media has connected me with other artists from around the world and a few exhibition opportunities that I would not of found if I wasn’t on social media.